by Larry the Car Guy (LTCG)

  1. Maintain proper engine oil, transmission fluid, engine coolant and battery fluid levels. LTCG recommends checking these at least monthly.
  2. Change engine oil and oil filter often. LTCG recommends meeting or exceeding the owner’s manual recommendations. It is cheap insurance for a longer engine life.
  3. Keep exterior surfaces clean and waxed. LTCG recommends exterior cleaning weekly; exterior waxing and or quick detailer every 3 months.
  4. Proactive Tire care – Check for proper inflation, inspect for uneven wear, and rotate tires periodically. LTCG recommends monthly checks and rotation every 5000-7500 miles.
  5. Use high quality and reliable fuel – You don’t need premium unless your owner’s manual specifies it. Just be certain to patronize gas stations that are likely to supply clean, fresh, quality fuel. LTCG recommends staying away from off brand filling stations.
  6. Respond to warning lights, gauges and diagnostic messages from your vehicle – Most modern cars have on-board diagnostics, fuel, temperature, charge, oil pressure gauges and other warning indicators. Ignoring them will likely lead to serious or expensive problems later. LTCG recommends observing and responding to instrument panel warnings messages and out of limit gauge indications immediately.