Gust Guard Frequently Asked Questions

What size kit do I need for my car?

Large Gust Guard cover clamps Kits (38 inches) fit all cars and light trucks.

How many do I need to buy for my car?

One package of Gust Guard cover clamps includes all you need to secure your car or light truck cover. Contents include 2 bungee cords and 4 clamps.

Can I make a purchase using a credit card?

Yes, all Gust Guard cover clamps can be purchased with a credit card or PayPal account.  To pay by credit card, click on the buy now button and you will be directed to the PayPal screen.  Enter your zip code and then click on the checkout button.  This will direct you to the checkout page where you can enter your credit card information.

Is there a difference in Gust Guard products sold on the internet? 

Original Gust Guard Cover Clamps have coated ends on the bungees that will protect against paint damage. Some other products use bungees with painted metal hooks that can scratch painted surfaces.

Are these Gust Guards hard to install?

You can install a Gust Guard easily and quickly.  Please see the installation video on our home page.

Can I buy additional clips or bungee cords?

Additional parts may be purchased by inquiring at, by calling 267-BYE-Wind, or emailing us.  Minimum purchase is $12 plus shipping and handling.  Both clips and bungees costs are $1.50 each and can be ordered in any mix as long as the $12 minimum is met.

How will your product affect the finish on my car? 

Gust Guard Cover Clamps are designed to assure a snug fitting car cover and to reduce the paint abrasion from your cover in windy conditions.  The plastic coated ends on the original Gust Guard Cover Clamps have no metal exposed to your paint and are therefore safer than painted metal hook bungees.

What size do I need to secure my BBQ cover?

We suggest a small Gust Guard Cover Clamp kit to secure covers for BBQs.  Refer to the Gust Guard home page for suggestions on best sizes for all other applications.